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Unable to see child pods/nodes of in Netdata Dashboard, Only parent node mertrics are shown

I’m trying to get our EKS setup [AWS kubernetes cluster] into Netdata.
Followed this documentation:

I configured the parent pod as mentioned in the setps.
The dashboard shows the metrics data of the Kubernetes cluster server[EKS server] from the pareent pod & not the child pods/ Nodes where the services are deployed.

Is there anything that I have missed / needs to be be done . so that I get the acutal data of the services in the Nodes/pods.


Hi @Sudarshan_SR

If you have parent(deployment)/child(daemonst) setup successfully deployed, then children Netdata instances stream to the parent.

See how to find them from the parent dashboard

I’m able to see only the parent pod.
The child pods are not seen


The child pods are shown when I list the pods in the namespace using kubectl
But not seen in the dashboard.

Should we add the nodes manually in Kubernetes cluster? I was thinking once the parent pod comes up, the child nodes reporting to it will be shown in the dashboard.

Can you let me know if there is anything more that needs to be done / how to debug / fix the issue.


That is Netdata Clound dashboard, there you have only claimed nodes - that is why there is only parent instance.

Claiming children nodes automatically work is in progress :construction: .

If you open the parent dashboard directly, you will see children nodes (Replicated Nodes Menu).

kubectl -n NAMESPACE port-forward netdata-parent-855464967c-crktx 19999:19999

Then open in your browser.


Thanks Ilyam8,
I’m able to see the children nodes after following your steps. :partying_face: :smiley: :+1:t4: