Enhancing Netdata Monitoring for Displaying Kubernetes Pod and Deployment Status

After netdata is connected to my cluster, tendata begins to display the status of the nodes
But I would like to display the status of the pods
For example, I am under nginx
If you connect netdata to the server, then Nginx as a service will be displayed in the right column as a separate item.
Is it possible to do this for all my pods or deployments.
Or display them all in the nodes tab

hi @bok,

Welcome to the forum.

If you are running k8s containers we have a nice visualization like this (this Netdata Demo env.).

We have other metrics around Kubernetes State, Kubelet and Kubeproxy and there you can use the NIDL framework on charts to pivot how data is presented and you can create custom dashboards with your desired result.

We can’t surface this on Nodes tab as separate entities since that one is tied to Nodes, Real or Virtual (remote monitoring).

We have plans to work an a State monitor area where we could surface information like that and application’s or service’s health. This is still under ideation and not on the immediate tasks to work.

Hope this helps clarify and if you have extra details you would like to share please raise them on a Feature Request.