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Netdata Cloud Simplifies IT Infrastructure Monitoring and Troubleshooting for more than 25 Thousand Users in 2020

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. – December 15, 2020 – Netdata, the company behind the eponymous open-source, distributed, real-time, performance and health monitoring solution for systems and applications, today announced that it has helped more than 25 thousand developers and IT professionals reduce the cost and complexity of IT infrastructure monitoring with its free, open-source-based solution.

“The cost and complexity of infrastructure monitoring is daunting for many organizations,” said Costa Tsaousis, chief executive officer and founder of Netdata. “Before Netdata, infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting required extensive pre-planning, with a high degree of resource, time, and financial investment by teams with deep knowledge and domain expertise. Worse, the result often left IT teams scrambling to the command line when high-level dashboards with insufficient granularity or resolution failed to uncover issues. Netdata radically simplifies IT infrastructure monitoring and troubleshooting with its zero-configuration, zero-compromises approach.”

Netdata Cloud, introduced in May, is a free software service that extends the single-node monitoring and troubleshooting previously available in the free, open-source Netdata Agent to provide visibility into the entire infrastructure at a glance. The distributed data architecture of Netdata Cloud enables it to scale infinitely to handle infrastructure of any size and complexity with no pre-planning and zero configuration. Thousands of metrics for hundreds of systems and applications are automatically detected, collected, and meaningfully visualized for optimal anomaly detection with helpful, exploratory tools like metric correlations for faster root-cause analysis.

Recent Highlights

  • The free, open-source Netdata Agent grew from 2 to 3.5 million users in 2020. Netdata is the fourth most-starred project in the CNCF landscape after Google Cloud, Kubernetes, and Elastic.
  • Netdata now offers turnkey, zero-configuration, notification integrations for Atlassian OpsGenie and StackPulse.
  • Netdata Cloud was recognized as a global leader in cloud computing by the Business Intelligence Group with a 2020 Stratus Award in the category of Cloud Disruptor.
  • Robin Schumacher has joined Netdata as vice president, product. Schumacher most recently served as senior vice president, product engagement at DataStax.

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