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Join us! Netdata Cloud webinar: August 25 at 10 a.m. Pacific

On August 25 at 10 a.m. Pacific, we’ll be hosting a webinar on the benefits of Netdata Cloud for monitoring your entire infrastructure. Whether you’re new to Netdata or a current user, we’ll show you how Cloud can streamline your monitoring and troubleshooting workflow.

EDIT: Zoom link no longer available

@cjcox Thank you for your feedback!

My comments as I watched the video and people were asking questions:

With regards to windows monitoring (today). While there has been historically WMI (via a proxy host) monitoring. With the new prometheus feature (I haven’t tested this, btw), you can use something like windows_exporter to portray prometheus data to netdata. None of this is what we truly want… that’s still something TBD.

Fun about the “not responding”. While there are still some issues, this has gotten better. (in the video db-1 was “not responding”… do I really need to say more on this issue?)

With regards to “packaging”. Netdata is a rapidly evolving entity. And arguably, that may never change, just because the whole Linux space is ever evolving (for example). Netdata comes with an easy to deploy mechanism for installation (that is pretty easy to integrate into your favorite CM tool) and as an ever evolving agent, the default install will get you automatic nightly updates (cron) that ensures your agents are up to date. Granted, that might be too risky for some, so that is configurable. But right now, this is the default because things are rapidly evolving. Btw, I’m a Netdata contributor. Not a Netdata employee. So when I say “we” and such, I’m talking about the Netdata community of users and developers and hopefully I’m not stepping on any “official” stance of Netdata (that is, no warranties are implied or given when I talk about Netdata).

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@cjcox Thanks; we moderate comments on YouTube. It’d be great to share any of your feedback here as well.

I put some of my own comments on the youtube comments page.

In case you missed it, our recent webinar on monitoring and troubleshooting with Netdata Cloud can be found here:
Let us know if you have any questions or comments!

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