Hello, I'm new, how do I monitor Windows? (I don't want to use netdata cloud)

I want to monitor Windows (I know about the windows exporter), but I don’t know how to do it

You cannot visualize out of app.netdata.cloud. They do not share their visualization engine with netdata package.

By installing netdata you install netdata-agent only. It sends data to app.netdata.cloud to get visualizations ( graphs, etc ).

Currently there is no Windows installer package.

Hi @Lluis_Morales welcome to Netdata. We’re upgrading the Windows collector and should be released in a couple of weeks (estimate). You can track this Issue in Github.

Curious to know why you don’t want to use Netdata Cloud. Could you please elaborate?

Thank you and have a nice day!

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The agent comes with its own UI. Some advanced visualizations (composite charts) haven’t made it to the agent UI yet. The cloud is for infrastructure monitoring, the agent UI is for single node monitoring.

We’re actively working on getting Windows monitoring via a netdata running on WSL2 properly supported here. The OP of that ticket also has a link to draft instructions on what’s possible today, but we should have something workable next week, so I’d hold on until most of the open tasks on that ticket are closed (especially the msi installer).