Netdata debug / aclk log empty.


Since a while, most of the netdata log file located in /var/log/netdata are empty.
Only the access.log seems to works, debug.log and aclk.log are empty (but created when service is restarted)
My netdata config is the following:

  enabled = yes
  bind to = *
  web files owner = root
  web files group = netdata
  cache = /home/netdata
  home = /home/netdata

Netdata version is

root@gra-redis-elastic-prod:/etc/systemd/system# netdata -v
netdata v1.44.1

Did anything log related changed in the newer netdata version?

Thanks for your help

Hi, @DeWaRs1206. Netdata logs to Journal (systemd) since v1.44.0.