Netdata not showing metrics Cannot open file '/etc/netdata/apps_groups.conf'

Hi everyone i’m new to this forum and netdata. I recently installed net data on a debian server on which no data is collected. When looking at logs it shows:
Cannot open file ‘/etc/netdata/apps_groups.conf’

if i go to the directory that file dosen’t exist.
Any idea on how I can fix it.

Hi Alonzo, How did you install Netdata? What does mean no data is collected? Do you see the dashboard? What sections are present in the right menu? Could you make a screenshot?

As for apps_groups.conf - this is the configuration file for the apps plugin, not for Netdata in general. If any of the configuration files don’t exist, the defaults are used.

Hi thanks for your reply!

No information was showed on the dashboard. Now it’s showing seems it took longer than normal.
I understand now. everything seems to be working correctly!