Question:Is application metrics replaced with systemd services metrics in latest netdata build?

In latest netdata build,application metrics is not shown instead systemd services metrics are it expected behaviour or broken in latest build?

Build Used:netdata v1.39.0-79-nightly

Hi, @jarajumtech. No, they are not replaced. It is a packaging bug.

  • apps.plugin (and other external plugins) has been moved to a separate package. It is not part of netdata anymore, it is netdata-plugins-apps.
  • so latest netdata has not it, and netdata-plugins-apps hasn’t been installed (the bug).

For more info about the changes in native packages, see this blogpost.

The issue should be fixed in today’s nightly version.

Thank you ilyam8.
Basically we are looking for application metrics.We will install todays build with fix and update.