Suddenly API is different

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2 out of 9 nodes suddenly don’t return apps.mem.dimensions.netdata.value via API (Looks like it changed to app.netdata_mem_usage )
Is this expected?

Relevant docs you followed/actions you took to solve the issue

Restarted netdata

Environment/Browser/Agent’s version etc


What I expected to happen

apps.mem.dimensions.netdata.value to be returned via API

This must be recent update or somethign.

[/tmp/netdata-kickstart-xXEVDRtZmX]# /opt/netdata/usr/libexec/netdata/ --interactive --not-running-from-cron
Thu Oct 5 07:48:13 CEST 2023 : INFO: Checking if a newer version of the updater script is available.
Thu Oct 5 07:48:14 CEST 2023 : INFO: Entering /tmp/netdata-updater-Cf29lO0Ghh
Thu Oct 5 07:48:16 CEST 2023 : INFO: Current Version: 00104200000275
Thu Oct 5 07:48:16 CEST 2023 : INFO: Latest Version: 00104200000275

Hey, @ben. You are right, apps.plugin contexts have been changed. We announced in the deprecation notice of v1.42.0. It is not a chart with a dimension per group but a chart for each group now.