Netdata deployment server cluster monitoring


Netdata has deployed cluster monitoring, but it cannot be seen on the latest version of the web page. What is the reason for this

Relevant docs you followed/actions you took to solve the issue

version:netdata v1.41.0-58-nightly

slave node configuration

Master node configuration:

My web page displays:

Could you please help me check if it is due to the latest version not supporting it or my configuration issue? Thank you

it could be that the [API_KEY] header section in your screenshot above would need to match the api key of the child node streaming to it.

So use [11111…] etc as the header instead of [API_KEY] and then restart the parent netdata and see if it works.

Yes, I have already matched it, but the slave node is still not displayed on the web page of the main node. Can you help me see what the problem is

the slave node:
The API key and IP configured here are the API key and IP of the main node

the main node:
The API key configured here is from the slave node

? one api key above starts with 7044 and the other starts with 87daca these two need to be the same.

so would need to be something like this:

# stream.conf on parent
    enabled = yes
    allow from = *
    multiple connections = allow
# stream.conf on child
    enabled = yes
    destination = ${PARENT_IP}:19999
    api key = 1111-2222-3333-4444