api key disabled permission denied

Good afternoon, I have installed a virtual machine with netdata, and then I tried to add another Linux machine via the API to monitor my main application. The problem is that the machine does not appear on the dashboard. Through logs, I see that the machine manages to connect, but this error message appears in the logs: API KEY DISABLED PERMISSION DENIED.

This is the server configuration file;

run as user = netdata

# default storage size - increase for longer data retention
page cache size = 32
dbengine multihost disk space = 256

enabled = yes
destination =
api key = *******

enabled = yes
allow from =
default history = 3600
default memory mode = ram
health enabled by default = auto
default postpone alarms on connect seconds = 60

and this is the client machine I want to monitor

enabled = yes
destination =
api key = ******
timeout seconds = 60
default port = 19999
default memory mode = save
health enabled by default = auto
send charts matching = *
buffer size bytes = 1048576

Hi @David_Tapias

I would maybe pinpoint this to a missing entry type = api that should be in the parent’s config under the section of the api key.

Also, just to make sure, that you have a stream.conf file on both the parent and the child, right? The stream related configuration should be in it’s own file (stream.conf). While in /etc/netdata you can user ./edit-config stream.conf to make sure things are in place.