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We are facing an issue with netdata configuration about Nginx Plus and API.
We have installed nginx plus [ nginx/1.19.10 (nginx-plus-r24-p1) ] , we have updated netdata to the version 1.31.0 and we have tried with python 2 and 3 both to solve our issue.

We are trying to install python.d.plugin/nginx_plus (NGINX Plus monitoring with Netdata | Learn Netdata) but perhaps the plugin is based on deprecated methods from python version. The status page that the config is needed is http://localhost/api/6 and not /status, right?
We noticed that after a GET method, the json object which returns is the following error and cannot parse it.
AttributeError("‘list’ object has no attribute ‘get’")

but nginx returns

Can you help us with the configuration and the plugin?
Do you think that there is something else to do from our side?

Hi, @nmarantos :wave:

nginx_plus collector is likely outdated. Related issue plugin python.d/nginx_plus doesn't support new api · Issue #6730 · netdata/netdata · GitHub

Could you try nginxvts collector?

Hi @ilyam8 ,

thank you for your reply.
Yes of course, i will try to configure the nginxvts collector to see if it works!