Plugin configuration problem : Haproxy && Postegresql

Hello everyone !

I’m using netdata recently to monitoring some debian/ubuntu servers in my company and, after successfully get nginx netdata plugin workin on my servers, I tried to add some others usefull one.

But after few days of web research, I can’t get something working on my server.

My configuration is that
A parent that going to collect data from childrens, so most of the plugins are going to be on the children (exemple children1 got nginx, children 2 have postegresql etc…) all for now on a VM for training.

I followed the official documentation, but I can’t have any results. I’ve edited this documentation :


And this one

Documentation 2

So this is my haproxy.conf end line :

# ------------------------------------------------MODULE-CONFIGURATION--------------------------------------------------

# update_every: 1
# autodetection_retry: 0
# priority: 70000

  - name: local

And this is my ./edit-config python.d/haproxy.conf

# ----------------------------------------------------------------------
# only one of them will run (they have the same name)

# user : 'admin'
# pass : 'password'
url : ';csv;norefresh'

#socket: '/var/run/haproxy/admin.sock'

Do you have any tips ?

Thank you a lot ! :smiley:

The first step when you don’t get the charts you expect after configuring a collector is to troubleshoot the collector. E.g. see HAProxy monitoring with Netdata | Learn Netdata

I’m a bit confused on how you put both the parent and the children on the same VM. I hope you used containers. If not, it will be extremely hard to get it to work.