Power Supply | UPS

Network UPS Tools (NUT) is a suite of software component designed to monitor power devices, such as uninterruptible power supplies, power distribution units, solar controllers and servers power supply units.

The Netdata Agent monitors the number of seconds since the last successful data collection

References and Sources
  1. NUT user manual

Troubleshooting section:

Check the upsd server
  1. Check the status of the upsd daemon

    root@netdata $ systemctl status upsd
  2. Check for obvious and common errors.

  3. Restart the daemon if needed

    root@netdata $ systemctl restart apcupsd
Diagnose a bad driver

upsd expects the drivers to either update their status regularly or at least answer periodic queries, called pings. If a driver doesn’t answer, upsd will declare it “stale” and no more information will be provided to the clients.

If upsd complains about staleness when you start it, then either your driver or configuration files are probably broken. Be sure that the driver is actually running, and that the UPS definition in ups.conf(5) is correct. Also make sure that you start your driver(s) before starting upsd.

Data can also be marked stale if the driver can no longer communicate with the UPS. In this case, the driver should also provide diagnostic information in the syslog. If this happens, check the serial or USB cabling, or inspect the network path in the case of a SNMP UPS.