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Pointing to domain with ssl

I want to point my netdata to my domain and proxy it through cloudflare and make ssl but dont knwo how…
Any help?

The suggested way is to do the following:

  1. Put an nginx or other http proxy in front of Netdata, as explained here. It includes instructions for SSL. I suggest you then temporarily add an A record to your DNS zone in Cloudflare without proxy, to verify that you have it correctly configured.

  2. Have that proxy accept requests only from Cloudflare’s IP ranges

  3. Convert the Cloudflare A records to proxy requests to your nginx, as shown below

What you see are some of our demo servers and this is exactly the setup we use. The guide in step 1 also explains how you can secure the UI with basic auth username/passwords.

Thx gonna try with apache2

Also. Does netdata have some thing like login? or ip whitelist dont want to anyone see.

Yes, see “allow from” in netdata.conf. There’s a lot of documentation on about all of this.