Adding Netdata to existing nginx server

Pulling my hair out with installing Netdata behind Nginx on Ubuntu 20.04. Nginx is already running docker web page and listening on ports 80 and 443; docker service is listening on 8080 and 8081;

Netdata running on 19999;

Issue that I’m having is I’m trying to access Netdata via HTTPS:// but nothing works.
#I removed one t from http so it doesnt think its a link#
“htp://” brings in docker website

“htp://” brings netdata

“htp://” redirects to docker

“htp://” redirects to netdata


“htps://” brings is SSL docker web

“htps://” gives me SSL error.

Cert is valid (*, just need to be able to access netdata webpage in HTTPS when I add the port :19999 at the end.

Apologies if this was asked before, I could not find anything similar. TIA

Hi @Viktor_Zabelin ! Welcome to Netdata!

Have you tried the guide for TLS support here-> Web server | Learn Netdata ?

I figured it out.

Turns out there was a default file that was adding listening on port 80 and redirecting it to default_server.