Feedback or suggestion on: Running Netdata behind Nginx

Is it necessary to open that port in the firewall? If so what are the steps?

Hello @Gerry_Pedraza, and welcome in our community.

I am assuming that you are referring to the Running Netdata behind Nginx guide. This is a guide on how to access the Netdata dashboard though an NGINX, how the user would like to configure access to this webserver is becoming a little bit out of scope for this guide.

But yes, you should adjust your firewall to allow requests on port 80 (or 443 for TLS) from any source (host) you want this dashboard to be accessed from. I am not sure what firewall you are using but here are some instructions on how to allow http access on the Netdata dashboard from any source for iptables and ufw.


  1. root@netdata # iptables -I INPUT -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j ACCEPT
  2. root@netdata # service iptables save


  1. root@netdata # ufw allow http

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