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Can't Acces to the dashboard from http://ip:19999

Good afternoon, I just installed Netdata on my CentOS Linux 7.9.2009 (Core) server with the command that appears on github (bash <(curl -Ss
), but I can’t access through http: // 82. (full ip): 19999

Hey, @Oscar_Fuentes :wave:

If I understand you correctly, you checked that netdata process is running and binds to, did you?

For instance, that is one of my servers:

[ilyam@pc ~]$ sudo ss -tnlp | grep netdata
LISTEN 0      4096*    users:(("netdata",pid=66510,fd=77))
LISTEN 0      4096*    users:(("netdata",pid=66510,fd=5))
LISTEN 0      4096           [::1]:8125          [::]:*    users:(("netdata",pid=66510,fd=66))
LISTEN 0      4096            [::]:19999         [::]:*    users:(("netdata",pid=66510,fd=6))

If the answer is yes, then the problem is likely the firewall (iptables). I suggest checking it.