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Can’t Acces to the dashboard from http://ip:19999

Good afternoon, I just installed Netdata on my CentOS Linux 7.9.2009 (Core) server with the command that appears on github (bash <(curl -Ss
), but I can’t access through http: // 82. (full ip): 19999

This seems similar to Curl -sSL --connect-timeout 10 --retry and perhaps we have an issue. Can you please do the checks I requested in that issue and let us know?

I have tried to access from localhost: 19999, but it doesn’t work (logical because Netdata is installed on a server, not on my computer). What else can I do?

Well, if it’s not on your localhost, you need to provide the IP or hostname of the server where you installed it, instead of localhost. It behaves like a normal web server.