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Curl -sSL --connect-timeout 10 --retry

Hello everyone
I just trying to install Netdata
But I have an issue like this image

I don’t know how to resolve it :frowning:

Check manually if the netdata process is running. If it is, try to access, localhost:19999, you should be getting the UI.

If it’s not working, check the last lines of netadata’s error.log for any hints of failure at startup.

This is highly unusual, I don’t personally recall seeing anything like this mentioned before.

From your OP I assume it’s a brand new installation, so there are no previous user configurations that might make this not work. The only hypothesis I currently have other than a crash dueing startup is a firewall preventing access to that port, but it would be very unusual to do that for calls from localhost, so get some more info, so we can understand what may be happening.