SSL stream between docker node

Hi, I have a problem to make ssl stream between two agents in docker containers. When I disable ssl on child node everything works without any problem. I have a self-signed certificate in the “ssl” folder with privileges netdata:netdata bound to /etc/netdata/ssl. What could I have wrong? Thank you for any ideas.

Parent node

bind to = *:19999=dashboard|netdata.conf^SSL=optional *:19996=streaming|management^SSL=optional

[my api key]
    enabled = yes
    default memory mode = dbengine


    enabled = yes
    destination = my_ip:19996:SSL
    ssl skip certificate verification = yes
    api key = my_api_key

Hi @Michal_Dvorak - apologies for the delay.

Do you see any errors in the child or parent logs?

@Michal_Dvorak also, could you please share the netdata version you’re using? Thanks!

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Hi, thank you so much for the help, the problem was, on the parent server was night version and on the
server child was stable version of container.