Prometheus scrape / plugin not showing chart in parent netdata


I’m scraping the prometheus metric endpoint from openziti. The Endpoint is connected tests are showing that the plugin is getting data on the client. But I do not see a graph on the parent.

Relevant docs you followed/actions you took to solve the issue



  - name: openziti_local
    url: ''
    autodetection_retry: 60
    tls_skip_verify: yes
    #tls_ca: path/to/ca.pem
    tls_cert: /certs/prom-client.crt
    tls_key: /certs/prom-client.key

sudo ./go.d.plugin -d -m prometheus

CHART 'prometheus_openziti_local.ziti_ingress_rx_msgrate-source_id=vEpkDgvcZw' '' 'ziti_ingress_rx_msgrate' 'msgrate' 'ziti_ingress' 'prometheus.openziti_local.ziti_ingress_rx_msgrate' 'line' '70000' '10' '' 'go.d' 'prometheus'
CLABEL 'source_id' 'vEpkDgvcZw' '1'
CLABEL '_collect_job' 'openziti_local' '1'
DIMENSION 'ziti_ingress_rx_msgrate' 'ziti_ingress_rx_msgrate' 'absolute' '1' '1000' ''

BEGIN 'prometheus_openziti_local.ziti_ingress_rx_msgrate-source_id=vEpkDgvcZw'
SET 'ziti_ingress_rx_msgrate' = 106695

Client does not run the web interface.

Environment/Browser/Agent’s version etc

Client: netdata v1.42.2
Parent: docker netdata/netdata:latest

What I expected to happen

See a chart with the prometheus metrics

I did a docker testsetup. And there it was working. Need to have a deeper look into …