Protobuf Dependency Installation warning - false positive


My nodes are Ubuntu 18.04 linux across the board.

.install-type contents:


So I got the notification that none of my nodes have protobuf support. I click the “read the docs” link, and the only paragraph about protobuf is a link to google’s page, which I’m thinking is implying I should compile it myself?

Back on your docs most of the instructions are “update to the latest version”. Which, my nodes are already the latest version. I checked my install-type and the docs imply I should just not have any issues if I am a “binpkg-*” install type, but, I’m definitely lacking protobuf everywhere. Still, I forced a reinstall on one of my nodes, and it still is showing up in the “lacking protobuf” support list.

So I dug into the scripts mentioned in the links, thinking I could make sense of however you were installing protobuf.

Scripts referenced:

In the “Install required” script it does tell Ubuntu to install g++ as a dependency for compiling protobuf (Line 757), but I can’t find anywhere where it actually then installs/compiles protobuf in either script.

Ubuntu 18 does provide a “protobuf” snap, would this work, or would you recommend compiling from source?

Protobuf github for compiling:

Ubuntu snapcraft:

What I expected to happen

Just a little clearer documention would help, I’m rather sure you want me to compile protobuf from source which is fine and I can get that done on all my nodes in the next 15 days, I just want to be sure.


With your particular install type, protobuf should be getting pulled in automatically as a dependency when the Netdata package gets installed.

We seem to be having an issue with the cloud not reporting things correctly for some installs done with native binary packages right now that may be affecting you. See [Bug]: Debian 10/11 binpkg-deb - Missing Protobuf Support · Issue #12149 · netdata/netdata · GitHub for more details on that.

Ah, I see, I should have checked Github issues as well before posting, thank ya!

I’ll run the same info-fetching commands the OP there did and probably add my info to the thread.

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@Mbrantley is this a warning you see in the cloud or agent.

Can you provide output of
netdata -W buildinfo for that agent (to see if it is the same as per github issue mentioned above)?

The error message is in the cloud, the agent seems to think everything is just fine as well. I’ll post the output in the github thread to try and keep things in one place but it’s the same as the guy running Debian.

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Issue should be fixed (Cloud UI was updated) no action from users needed. For more info see the github ticket above.