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Pulling hair out... unit conversions

Hello. Without auto-scaling (so fixed units), I’m looking to have all network information based in MBytes/s. I’ve attempted to learn why there needs to be multipliers and divisors, but at any rate doing a multiplier of 8 and divisor of 1000 does not show expected results. At this point, I’m unsure even if Netdata is reporting network-related info in kilobits or kilobytes even.

I have a 1Gb/s port, and I can saturate it to full use (125MB/s) yet I can’t seem to get Netdata to show anywhere near “125” with a multiplier of 8 and a divisor of 1000.

Hi, @alturic :wave:

How do you get network stats? via SNMP?

Assuming the answer is yes (SNMP) - raw data is in octets (bytes).

bytes => megabytes: raw / (1024 * 1024)
bytes => megabits: raw * 8 / (1000 * 1000)

that is octets to kilobits.