Python module name

Hello. I have written a custom Python module for a service called TeamSpeak. The module is working well however when setting up the chart dimensions I originally followed the convention of using lowercase e.g. teamspeak.users_online. This then meant that the module name in the Netdata side menu was teamspeak. So, I renamed the dimension to TeamSpeak.users_online and now the side menu shows a nicely formatted name that is consistent with the other names. It may seem pedantic at this point, but I realised that the chart search actually doesn’t work unless the chart dimensions are lowercase. If I search for TeamSpeak.users_online nothing comes up, unless I lowercase the dimension and then search works as expected for both TeamSpeak.users_online and teamspeak.users_online.

Is there a way of specifying the module name that is separate from the dimension? I feel like there is hopefully an obvious answer to this but I can’t for the life of me find out how to do that. I want a lowercase dimension but the module name to be TeamSpeak in the menu. This becomes more important for future modules I would like to write which are more than one word. Thanks.