Reusing existing PV PVC with helm chart

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When deploying the helm chart, it seems its not possible to reuse existing PV’s and PVC’s. I dumped the helm values with helm show values netdata/netdata > default-values.yaml and all I see is this part:

    enabled: true
    ## Set '-' as the storageclass to get a volume from the default storage class.
    storageclass: "-"
    volumesize: 1Gi

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Many (still not enough :wink: ) Helm charts allow to reuse an already existing PVC. Use cases would include:

  • storage providers that generate random and incomprehensible names but allow sensible names to be created manually
  • storage providers that create fixed volume sizes unable to resize by default but allow resizable volumes to be created manually
  • Storage providers that can create backups of volumes, but are unable to restore to new / existing volumes and only restore the exact volume with its original volume name.

Longhorn for example, is one such storage provider.

These are just a few examples of why it is really handy to allow the use of existing claims.