Netdata helm chart in AWS EKS


I have tried to deploy netdata:3.7.12 with helm chart into my kubernetes cluster (two zones) via ArgoCD but getting these problems netdataparent deployment/rs/pod.

0/9 nodes are available: 9 pod has unbound immediate PersistentVolumeClaims.
and nodes have volume node affinity conflicts for some reasons.

anyone have clue why this happening and how to solve? Any leads appreciated.

Hello @Nerijus,

Can you please provide the values you’re using to deploy the Netdata helm chart?
Running the following should give us the required info so that we can dig deeper into this:

helm get values <release_name> -n <namespace>

(Please make sure to mask any potentially sensitive values)


that was unchanged helm chart, sadly dont have it anymore.
Workaround which worked for me was to not use PVC at all, then everything deployed without issues. Of course that means that you keep data until pods restarted.

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