Monitoring with netdata cluster eks aws

Good I have been searching before asking the question. I want to deploy with a yml a netdata deployment to monitor an Aws EKS, is it possible? I only find with helm, is it possible to install helm for aws, is it necessary? Sorry for the lack of knowledge. Thank you very much.

Hello Juan,

AWS EKS supports Helm… Once you have a K8s cluster, you can install helm and run the command displayed on the app to install Netdata centrally on all your worker nodes in the cluster.
In fact we use Helm on our EKS cluster to deploy netdata agents and claim these to the cloud as well.

Let me know if you need any sample configuration / steps to proceed?
Here is a github repo that explains how you need to configure kubectl:


Thanks Fajin , sorry to bother you again then:
1 - I have to install on each node of the eks helm cluster.
2 - Lift with the command helm upgrade -f override.yml netdata netdata/netdata where the override.yml is the configuration:
On all servers in the cluster or on only one?
tag: latest

enabled: true

enabled: true
token: xxxxxxxx
rooms: xxxxxxxx

enabled: true
token: xxxxxxxxxxxx
rooms: xxxxxxxxxxxx

Thanks Fajín!

@Juan_Jose_Garcia_Gon We officially support helm. You need no installation of some helm components in version 3.x onwards. The only thing you need to do is to fire up the command for helm. Of course if for whatever reason you do not want to use helm for installation you can always use helm as a template only helm template is the command for that. This will generate yaml file out of the helm chart that you can just kubectl apply -f .... This is possible tho I would not advise to use it is such way simply because it is literally more work and upgrades are going to be a bit more problematic and you are making yourself unable to use other helm goodies like rolling back deployment after a change to return to previous settings and previous image version.

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Thanks!! Mateusz_Bularz!

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