rkhunter - /dev/shm/netdata_sem_cgroup_ebpf

I’ve installed rkhunter on my VPS, and it shows an alert for ‘/dev/shm/netdata_sem_cgroup_ebpf’ stating that:

Time: Mon Jul 10 17:49:07 2023 +0200
File: /dev/shm/netdata_sem_cgroup_ebpf
Reason: Script, starts with #!
Owner: netdata:netdata (987:982)
Action: No action taken

I’ve opened the file and it doesn’t start with ‘#!’.

Searching in the netdata code, this file is mentioned in collectors/cgroups.plugin/sys_fs_cgroup.h:

grep -R netdata_sem_cgroup_ebpf
collectors/cgroups.plugin/sys_fs_cgroup.h:#define NETDATA_NAMED_SEMAPHORE_EBPF_CGROUP_NAME "/netdata_sem_cgroup_ebpf"

I’m guessing this alert is wrong, as netdata uses this for managing shared memory (semaphore). Could anyone confirm?

@Thiago_Marques_0 : Can you please take a look at this one?

Hello @moucho ,

You are right, this is a shared memory we are using to share data between two different plugins.

Best regards!