save only a few metrics in dbengine


Is there any possibility to define which metrics I would like to be saved in the dbengine, possibly via adding some options in the conf file?
Example: only system.cpu, …, etc.

Thank you.

I believe you might just need to disable any of the default on plugins/collectors: Collectors configuration reference | Learn Netdata

So you could then turn off as much as possible and get it to some sort of minimal set of collectors you are interested in.

I’m not sure you are really able to do it on a chart by chart basis so it might depend a little on exactly what sort of minimal charts or metrics you are thinking about.

For example you might need to then further trim some stuff from each plugin/collector too - so say you want to turn off lots from this plugin then that would just be some more config i beleive: proc.plugin | Learn Netdata

Another option is to have the agent collecting the data not use dbengine at all and stream to a separate, parent agent with dbengine running, only the charts you want to store long term.