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Streaming to a Raspberry Pi 4 (8GB) parent node

This question falls into the ‘I just want to do it for fun’ category :smiley:

Does anyone have experience of streaming metrics to a parent node where that parent node is a Raspberry Pi (preferably RPI4 8GB)? I ask because I was thinking to have a go :slight_smile:
I’ve used the sizing Oracle and it reckons I can have circa 25 nodes reporting in if I want 14 days of data at 2000 metrics per node and 85% compression savings.
I don’t need to monitor 25 nodes yet in this particular environment so an 8GB RPI4 should handle that nicely. What say you?

I’m also interested in the more practical questions such as how much processor load one expects to see on the RPI4 (the node will be dedicated to the Netdata role and run Ubuntu 20.04 server for ARM) and how much cooling it might require as a result (I much prefer passive heatsinks to active fans).

I’m also curious about wear and tear on the SD card so any thoughts on that would be most welcome!

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Hey Luis,

The wear and tear should be quite considerable I think, given the way our dbengine works (right @Markos_Fountoulakis?).

I would love to see your project in action. Perhaps you would find useful the quickstart project I created a while ago on how to use Consul for dynamic configuration management of any number of Netdata Agents ( I want to create a video one of these days).

Also for the OS, you may want to try something more lightweight, like Raspbian lite or The second one allows easy management of the device and deployment using containers.

I say we start working on this and use this topic and help you along the way!

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