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Hi, I am using netdata on a raspberry pi zero, since it is connected on the internet by a connection by consumption I can’t use the cloud setting and since the connection is very slow it is a pain every time I am browsing remotely. Is there a way I could make a daily cron job in the raspberry in which I extract the data of netdata of that day and store it compressed? So when I want to look at it I can just download the compression of the day I am interested and load it on my cloud account. Thank you.

Hi @Ripper346 ,

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Have you looked into the scenario of streaming data to a more robust node? It seems streaming may help on your use-case How metrics streaming works | Learn Netdata and Streaming and replication | Learn Netdata

At the moment, we don’t have a way for you to extract the data of a node and upload it into Netdata Cloud.


Thank you for your reply, maybe I wasn’t clear, my problem isn’t the cpu power of the device in which I am running netdata, the problem is the poor and limited connection that I have. If I am streaming to another node I am consuming the data that I have available, it doesn’t seem to me that I will have a benefit doing it, or am I?

You were clear, I was suggesting streaming to a parent because we have compression happening on this process - you can check more details when this was initially launched Release v1.33.0 · netdata/netdata · GitHub

Not sure it is good enough for your data connection restrictions, but probably worth giving it a try.

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Ok, thank you. I will give a try