top nodes by used disk

Is it possible to add a ‘Top nodes by Used disk’ chart to either the netdata cloud overview or a dashboard? For the life of me I cannot find how to for this very useful little chart. the same small charts that show Top Nodes by used RAM.
I find the overview for our 100 odd nodes is great but it would be nice to see as one of those top nodes charts nodes that are creeping up on disk usage. That (for me) would make the overview close to useable.
I can’t see how to monitor all my nodes disk space without a lot of clicking and frowning and getting drowned in avg charts and graphs over time etc. I would just like to see a real simple… hey these nodes are creeping up to 90%… Alerts and warnings etc are post issue, i’d rather see which nodes are ‘approaching’ rather than which nodes have tipped over the edge.

@richc : We intend to improve the Summary dashboards on the overview and there should be a way to visualise summaries as an aggregate function (average, min, max etc) over a period of time.

Currently, you can already use the group-by (node) and ordering (high to low) to get the nodes with highest disk utilisation etc.

thanks Sashwathn
For me the available disk displayed in the same small list as top nodes by cpu would be a great addition to the overview. I see netdata as a ‘glance’ tool that I should be able to glance at that overview and get… a good overview of whats happening. (imho) currently half the (very top of) overview is useful as a system wide view.
Looking at the disk space chart you mention, if i add it to its own dashboard and group by node. Its this massive chart of a bazillion colors, that takes up the full dashboard width and displays down the bottom a small strip of lowest to highest (left to right) disk space available nodes. it seems like this amazing chart with lots of detail, but really eye glazing unusable stuff. (do i really need to know the diskspace for all nodes to the second for every second of the day? consequently i can’t have anything else on screen except this one big chart, unlike the overview gauges that are compact and have all the info i would ever need. it seems dashboards should be called ‘charts’ because i can’t see how i can see any more than one chart without scrolling. thats not (imho) a dashboard.
As a new netdata user, i see it collects an amazing amount of info, but I just cant see how I can visualize the most basic stuff to have a quick glance at whats going on. ie a system wide overview. seems a shame to now have to understand how to feed something like grafana when netdata is so close to perfect for its task.
anyway just my quick observation.
thank you for the reply, i’ll see what else can provide a ‘dashboard’.