Very high "Netdata CPU Usage" and "Netdata Memory"

I sometimes experience an abnormal high load (which results in very noisy fans!) on my Macbook running Netdata v1.38.1 from homebrew-core/netdata.rb at b5e774675dc738ef1da056439f9dfff1636d61d0 路 Homebrew/homebrew-core 路 GitHub :frowning:

The system CPU and load are looking like this while this happens:

I didn鈥檛 ran into this phenomen on my other netdata-instances (OpenSUSE Desktop 15.4 running nightly netdata in a docker container, Ubuntu LTS servers running nightly netdata in a docker container)鈥 :thinking:

:question: After killing netdata and starting again everything went back to normal. Where can I find more infos about what is causing this behaviour?

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Does anybody else experience this on his/her/its MacBook/Linux/鈥? It鈥檚 still an 鈥渋ssue鈥 for me鈥 :cry: