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Voice over IP servers deployment

Hello community. I am new to Netdata and I would like some advice regarding the installation of Netdata on a public facing VoIP server.

1 - Does it interfere in any way with the VoIP traffic or Call Quality of the server?
2 - When installing Netdata, does it removes any packages that could affect the VoIP side??

Server is running Ubuntu 14.04. We are planning on upgrading it to 18.04 as we like to stay 1 or 2 version behind just in case.

Thanks for any insight with this.

Hi @Lcarrillo

No, it doesn’t interfer with the VoIP traffic. And installation process doesn’t remove any packages.

Ubuntu 14.04 is quite old, perhaps it lacks of some mandatory packages to install Netdata Agent (for insance libuv v1+). Should be any problem with 18.04.