Can not update v1.38.0-333-nightly

I fresh install netdata agent on ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS (Bionic Beaver) by run one-line installation script. Agent run very well, but I check version was v1.38.0-333-nightly.

I follow document update agent netdata, run script “wget -O /tmp/ && sh /tmp/”, but version still v1.38.0-333-nightly.

How can i update newst version?

Hi @vandt,

Ubuntu 18.04 has been End of Life since April 30 2023, and we’ve removed this from our CI on April 3: [Platform EOL]: ubuntu 18.04 will be EOL soon. · Issue #14683 · netdata/netdata · GitHub.

If you cannot upgrade to a newer version of Ubuntu, you can use static builds instead. The script doesn’t currently do this automatically, so you have to specify --static-only. On a system that already has Netdata installed, you’ll have to remove the Netdata package and repo first. If you must preserve data from an existing install, make sure you don’t purge the package. You can then copy /var/*/netdata/ into /opt/var/*/netdata/ and start the Agent.

Hi Ralphm,

I uninstalled and reinstall by static build. Agent running with version 1.41. I can access local web netdata, but i config stream to parent, it not working. Check status netdata:

What’s problem? How can i check and fix them?

Thanks so much Ralphm.

We haven’t made any 1.41 release yet, so can you verify the exact version you’ve installed? I see that the Agent got a segfault, but I can’t see at which point from your screenshots. If the Agent gets that far, running /opt/netdata/bin/netdata -V should give you the exact version. -W buildinfo would be even more helpful, as would the contents of /opt/netdata/var/log/netdata/error.log.

Dear Ralphm,

I solved prolem. Follow your guide, i check log and see error “IPv4 bind() on ip ‘’ port 19999, socktype 1 failed. (errno 98, Address in use)”.

I think cause when i reinstall netdata, old process still running with port 19999. I kill all process netdata, restart it and problem gone.

Thanks Ralhm.

Great. You’re most welcome!