Known issue with automatic updates in Netdata v1.33.1-28-nightly.

We’ve recently discovered a bug that disabled automatic updates in the nightly build of Netdata released on 2022-02-19 (v1.33.1-28-nightly). This bug was fixed in the nightly build of Netdata released on 2022-02-20 (v1.33.1-30-nightly).

Check your version of Netdata

You can check which version you have installed by runningnetdata -v or looking at the bottom of the right menu bar in the Agent dashboard. If Netdata reports a version of v1.33.1-28-nightly and you previously had auto-updates enabled, then you are affected by this bug.

:information_source: Note: If you do not know if you had auto-updates enabled or not, you probably did unless you are running Netdata in Docker.

Re-enable auto-updates

To re-enable auto-updates, you can run the updater script with the --enable-auto-updates option. On most Linux systems, you can do so by copying the following command:

/usr/libexec/netdata/ --enable-auto-updates

If you have a static install, instead use:

/opt/netdata/usr/libexec/netdata/ --enable-auto-updates

After you have enabled auto-updates again, Netdata will update to the latest nightly version as it normally would have.

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I’m getting the error message /usr/libexec/netdata/ line 44: 3: Bad file descriptor when executing this. What could that mean?

@Austin_Hemmelgarn the script you’re referring to isn’t working, see my previous comment. Any chance to get this addressed?

@jurgenhaas Apologies for the delayed response.

If you are seeing issues with the updater script on the system itself, you can try downloading the upstream version of the script from and running that.

If you still see issues using that, please open a bug report here.

Thanks @Austin_Hemmelgarn, done that, gives a different error, filed the bug at [Bug]: Recommended fix to enabling auto update does not work · Issue #12395 · netdata/netdata · GitHub