vsphere/vcsa not showing data



I have installed Netdata on a Debian node. The node itself reports data just fine.
Then I went to the modules and uncomment vcsa and vsphere modules.
I went as described to the integrations docs and added the below

for vsphere


  • name: vCenter
    username: administrator@vsphere.local
    password: password
    host_include: [ ‘/’ ]
    vm_include: [ '/
    ’ ]
    tls_skip_verify: yes

for vcsa

  • name: vCenter-vcsa
    username: administrator@vsphere.local
    password: password
    tls_skip_verify: yes

Relevant docs you followed/actions you took to solve the issue

VCSA: vCenter Server Appliance collector | Learn Netdata

vsphere: vCenter Server collector | Learn Netdata

What I expected to happen

I checked the logs as per docs “./go.d.plugin -d -m vcsa” and “./go.d.plugin -d -m vsphere” and it seems that a lot is happening. No errors for vsphere , some for vcsa.
The thing easy that for vsphere , since it have no issues, and the log shows that it retrieved the number of hosts and VMs I have , it shows no data on the browser , either when I connect to the Debian node or to the cloud.

Is there any additional configuration that is needed?

hello - welcome!

are you able to run it in debug mode so that you can just see the log messages and a little more info for each individual collector?

sure, below is the output (it goes in cycles after the tick1-2 etc)
It states that it did discover my clusters, hosts and VMs (found 2 dcs, 65 folders, 2 clusters (0 dummy), 3 hosts, 17 vms)

netdata@servername:/usr/libexec/netdata/plugins.d$ ./go.d.plugin -d -m vsphere
[ DEBUG ] main[main] main.go:115 plugin: name=go.d, version=v0.54.1
[ DEBUG ] main[main] main.go:117 current user: name=netdata, uid=102
[ INFO  ] main[main] main.go:121 env HTTP_PROXY '', HTTPS_PROXY '' (both upper and lower case are respected)
[ INFO  ] main[main] agent.go:140 instance is started
[ INFO  ] main[main] setup.go:43 loading config file
[ INFO  ] main[main] setup.go:51 looking for 'go.d.conf' in [/etc/netdata /usr/lib/netdata/conf.d]
[ INFO  ] main[main] setup.go:58 found '/etc/netdata/go.d.conf
[ INFO  ] main[main] setup.go:65 config successfully loaded
[ INFO  ] main[main] agent.go:144 using config: enabled 'true', default_run 'true', max_procs '0'
[ INFO  ] main[main] setup.go:70 loading modules
[ INFO  ] main[main] setup.go:89 enabled/registered modules: 1/79
[ INFO  ] main[main] setup.go:94 building discovery config
[ INFO  ] main[main] setup.go:141 looking for 'vsphere.conf' in [/etc/netdata/go.d /usr/lib/netdata/conf.d/go.d]
[ INFO  ] main[main] setup.go:157 found '/etc/netdata/go.d/vsphere.conf
[ INFO  ] main[main] setup.go:162 dummy/read/watch paths: 0/1/0
[ INFO  ] discovery[manager] manager.go:92 registered discoverers: [file discovery: [file reader]]
[ INFO  ] main[main] setup.go:176 looking for 'vnodes/' in [/etc/netdata /usr/lib/netdata/conf.d]
[ INFO  ] main[main] setup.go:188 found '/usr/lib/netdata/conf.d/vnodes' (0 vhosts)
[ INFO  ] discovery[manager] manager.go:97 instance is started
[ INFO  ] discovery[file manager] discovery.go:73 instance is started
[ INFO  ] build[manager] build.go:117 instance is started
[ INFO  ] discovery[file reader] read.go:41 instance is started
[ INFO  ] discovery[file reader] read.go:42 instance is stopped
[ DEBUG ] build[manager] build.go:164 received config group ('/etc/netdata/go.d/vsphere.conf'): 1 jobs (added: 1, removed: 0)
[ DEBUG ] build[manager] build.go:313 building vsphere[vcenter] job, config: map[__provider__:file reader __source__:/etc/netdata/go.d/vsphere.conf autodetection_retry:0 host_include:[/*] module:vsphere name:vcenter password:password priority:70000 tls_skip_verify:true update_every:20 url:https://vcenter.domain.local username:username@vsphere.local vm_include:[/*]]
[ INFO  ] run[manager] run.go:32 instance is started
[ DEBUG ] vsphere[vcenter] discover.go:96 discovering : starting resource discovering process
[ DEBUG ] vsphere[vcenter] discover.go:104 discovering : found 2 dcs, process took 2.356156ms
[ DEBUG ] vsphere[vcenter] discover.go:111 discovering : found 65 folders, process took 8.875885ms
[ DEBUG ] vsphere[vcenter] discover.go:118 discovering : found 2 clusters, process took 2.733977ms
[ DEBUG ] vsphere[vcenter] discover.go:125 discovering : found 3 hosts, process took 7.944749ms
[ DEBUG ] vsphere[vcenter] discover.go:132 discovering : found 3 vms, process took 7.508726ms
[ INFO  ] vsphere[vcenter] discover.go:142 discovering : found 2 dcs, 65 folders, 2 clusters (0 dummy), 3 hosts, 17 vms, process took 29.910241ms
[ DEBUG ] vsphere[vcenter] build.go:14 discovering : building : starting building resources process
[ INFO  ] vsphere[vcenter] build.go:166 discovering : building : removed 2 vms (not powered on)
[ INFO  ] vsphere[vcenter] build.go:25 discovering : building : built 2/2 dcs, 65/65 folders, 2/2 clusters, 3/3 hosts, 15/17 vms, process took 68.22µs
[ DEBUG ] vsphere[vcenter] hierarchy.go:12 discovering : hierarchy : start setting resources hierarchy process
[ INFO  ] vsphere[vcenter] hierarchy.go:20 discovering : hierarchy : set 2/2 clusters, 3/3 hosts, 15/15 vms, process took 6.188µs
[ DEBUG ] vsphere[vcenter] filter.go:26 discovering : filtering : starting filtering resources process
[ DEBUG ] vsphere[vcenter] filter.go:47 discovering : filtering : removed 0 unmatched hosts
[ DEBUG ] vsphere[vcenter] filter.go:58 discovering : filtering : removed 0 unmatched vms
[ INFO  ] vsphere[vcenter] filter.go:31 discovering : filtering : filtered 0/3 hosts, 0/15 vms, process took 63.208µs
[ DEBUG ] vsphere[vcenter] metric_lists.go:16 discovering : metric lists : starting resources metric lists collection process
[ INFO  ] vsphere[vcenter] metric_lists.go:32 discovering : metric lists : collected metric lists for 3/3 hosts, 15/15 vms, process took 46.7983ms
[ INFO  ] vsphere[vcenter] discover.go:76 discovering : discovered 3/3 hosts, 15/17 vms, the whole process took 77.37102ms
[ INFO  ] vsphere[vcenter] discover.go:9 starting discovery process, will do discovery every 5m0s
[ INFO  ] vsphere[vcenter] job.go:208 check success
[ INFO  ] vsphere[vcenter] job.go:228 started, data collection interval 20s
[ DEBUG ] run[manager] run.go:43 tick 0
[ DEBUG ] vsphere[vcenter] collect.go:21 starting collection process
[ DEBUG ] vsphere[vcenter] scrape.go:50 scraping : scraped metrics for 3/3 hosts, process took 18.201125ms
[ DEBUG ] vsphere[vcenter] scrape.go:62 scraping : scraped metrics for 15/15 vms, process took 46.672872ms
[ DEBUG ] vsphere[vcenter] collect.go:35 metrics collected, process took 66.169255ms
[ DEBUG ] run[manager] run.go:43 tick 1
[ DEBUG ] run[manager] run.go:43 tick 2
^C[ INFO  ] main[main] agent.go:108 received interrupt signal (2). Terminating...
[ INFO  ] run[manager] run.go:33 instance is stopped
[ INFO  ] build[manager] build.go:118 instance is stopped
[ INFO  ] discovery[manager] manager.go:98 instance is stopped
[ INFO  ] vsphere[vcenter] job.go:229 stopped
[ INFO  ] main[main] agent.go:141 instance is stopped

So I reinstalled the whole thing and reconfigured it.

now it shows them as aggregated , in the right panel with the list of metrics
host [ x ].contoso.local
vm [ x ].contoso.local

Also, it does not show the actual names of the hosts or VMs,
it just shows the name of the node and some random number

In the dashboards you can select to show them individually, but still you don’t know what is what because the names are all random eg.

so you cannot make what is what

I think there should be a collect job label that you should be able to use to group by.

Can you group by instance in the chart?

Can you share a couple of screenshots too.

apologies, I was away.
Let see what I can do and get back to you

Hello again,
Unfortunately in the screenshots the names of vcenter is showing up and I cannot post it.
I will try to setup a lab and do the same and come back on this