Vultr linux KVM vps, but netdata detect it as Microsoft, any idea?

I am using vultr linux KVM vps, but netdata detect it as Microsoft hypervisor, any idea? is it bug?

here is link for screen-capture “Imgsh: fast, simple image sharing service

ps. I already open ticket support to Vultr, they had confirmed that I am using Linux KVM.


Hi, @anas.xrt.

Can you open “HOST:19999/api/v1/info” and check the virt_detection value?

Netdata uses systemd-detect-virt (if available) or lcpu to detect hardware and container virtualization technology.

Both of the commands have Microsoft:

Try on your host:

$ systemd-detect-virt -v
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Yes, it shown microsoft. I have sent the output to Vultr support, let’s see what they have to say.

[root@sc01 ~]# systemd-detect-virt -v

Here is answer from Vultr support.

We enable some Hyper-V enlightenments for support for Windows guests, which systemd may be picking up as being Hyber-V itself. Our host machines use KVM/QEMU for managing guests.

I am not sure what we can do in that case. If the systemd-detect-virt -v detection is wrong, I guess you can open an issue report at GitHub - systemd/systemd: The systemd System and Service Manager. But I am not sure it is wrong.

Out of curiosity - can you check

lscpu | grep “Hypervisor vendor”

Ok, I changed my VM OS type to Microsoft in the Proxmox settings. It enables these Hyper-V enlightenments.

Indeed, we are Microsoft now :smile: So yes, the problem is Hyper-V enlightenments.

pve-deb-work ~ $ lscpu | grep "Hypervisor vendor"
Hypervisor vendor:               Microsoft
pve-deb-work ~ $ systemd-detect-virt -v

@anas.xrt Is it possible to ask them to disable enlightenments for your VM? My understanding is that you don’t need them.

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@ilyam8 yes, I think just left it there.