What does this alarm mean?

Ok, so don’t be mad at me for being dumb, Like everyone on stack exchange. But I’m new to using Linux and netdata. So I don’t really know what this alert means. Should I be concerned? (The raspberry pi 4 is voltage throttling, don’t know why. But if that’s helpful)

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In this page (linked from the chart in your last screenshot) we have gathered some additional details about this particular alert. Does that help?

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Could system stability send a ton of errors? I was getting file system errors spammed. I think the low voltage was causing these.

@jsnotlout what system are you using to get low voltage?

It’s the built in low voltage sensor for raspberrypi4. Its really odd since I have the right power supply

@jsnotlout That’s interesting because I used to get a lot of those errors on a raspberry pi 4 cluster, but it’s been a lot better since I went to Power over Ethernet (PoE).
It might just be worth checking your syslogs to see if you have any undervoltage warnings.

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I’m pretty sure it is related. As I got spammed with file system error alerts until I rebooted. Rebooting fixes the Undervoltage for a while. But it will start up again after a few days.


Not sure if you have also tried to see what the Netdata Assistant tells you about this alert?

You can go to the Alerts tab > Alert Configurations find the alert you are interested and click on the icon for the assistant - if the alert is active you can immediately go to the Active alerts tab.

See example:

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