Apache Redirect

Hi !

Im using apache as a revers proxy to access netdat from external…
and at the momen i can reach netdata only with https://hostname/netdata/
when i access https://hostname/netdata i will only ge a “nice” netdata background picture…
how can i fix it that it will be redirected to https://hostname/netdata ?
btw: i tried serveral possibilities with apache but non of them worked…

ciao gerd

Hello Gerd, and welcome in our community.

Did you follow this Netdata via apache's mod_proxy | Learn Netdata section in our docs and it didn’t work?


Yes and no :slight_smile: im using a setup which enables location netdata for all vhosts on server…

Ciao Gerd

My config is for ALL sites (in apache conf directory)

Ok, so your issue still exists right?

By default Netdata dashboard is at localhost:19999/. Cautiously saying, I think you proxy the /netdata.