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Applying Alerts to an entire Systemg

Currently I am looking at using Netdata to monitor and set up alerts for a large collection of servers running on VMWare. After installing the agent and putting all of my nodes into their warrooms and spaces, is there any way to apply alerts to an entire space/warroom rather than going into each individual node and applying these alerts?

Hey @Timothy-Keiningham,

Currently, netdata doesn’t support something out-of-the-box. But, we have a couple of interesting sample applications in our community repository, regarding automatic provisioning with Ansible (which can be used for configuration as well), as also a dynamic configuration with Consul.

The general idea is that if you place the configuration files in the correct directory, then the Agent will use those in lieu of the default ones.

You can read more about the examples in the Community repo:

If you find them interesting please consider contributing to the examples and do fire away any additional questions you may have. I can help you along the way of setting up netdata :slight_smile: