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I followed netdata/web/api/badges/ at master · netdata/netdata · GitHub
As I am right,

badge.svg?chart=system.load&label=System.load 15 Minuten&after=-900&group=min&refresh=auto&scale=300 type="image/svg+xml"

should give me the simulated load 15, so the last 15 minutes of load, But no Max;average;min seems to be correct and do not reflect the chart. What is wrong with it?
I think I have identified what the problem might be.
There are 3 curves in the chart.
I have indicated only one, presumably it is thereby a total function of the 3 characteristic curves.
This leads me to the question, how do I specifically address only one characteristic curve a, e.g. the load15 ?

Ohh I found it in the doc.

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solution was found as mentioned by OP