See accumulated bandwidth (like 2GB in last 6 hours)


We want to see how much data/bandwidth our devices are consuming for a certain period.
For example: a device running on a 4G connection with a dataplan of x GB / day. How much are we currently consuming per day?

Relevant docs you followed/actions you took to solve the issue

We have the network interfaces metrics where we can select our uplink interface.
It shows the SUM of bandwidth consumption in Mb/s.

Depending on the time interval, the sum interval is automatically set by the graph.
Is there a way to change the SUM time window?

What I expected to happen

Have a way to see the total consumed upload and download for a certain network interface.

I dont think we have a way in the UI to define your own time slices. I actually made a feature request for this as think it would be useful and not actually that hard to implement.

Im not actually sure if there really is a way to visualise this at the moment.

For sure you could maybe get it from the underlying agent api’s (or the netdata cloud api itself would be a bit easier) and things like that but that’s a bit messy.

Have a look at my feature request and maybe give it a thumbs up in GH and feel free to add any comments if you want.

I think the best option would just let users define their own time aggregation on the fly if they wanted, this would then control the “points” param that eventually goes down to the agents, at the moment the FE itself sort of works this out based on the date time filter window but it need not be like that so defo think could be a feature to add here.

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