can't reach cloud

I found this error on the nodes

2022-11-19 19:33:55: netdata ERROR : ACLK_Main : Timed out while connecting to '2600:1f18:428d:5e01:f75a:d1e1:c99f:88ca', port '443'. select() returned 1 (errno 115, Operation now in progress)

the IP 2600:1f18:428d:5e01:f75a:d1e1:c99f:88ca' is not reachable. I test this IP from other servers without the firewall.

Hi @vahid_sohrabloo thanks for the report.

We’re currently investigating some IPv6 related issues, will keep you updated.

Is your node IPv6 only ?

No. the node has ipv4 and and ipv6

Hi @vahid_sohrabloo

Can you check please if the problem persists?