The node is not connected to Netdata Cloud

Hello, I’m new here, I installed a Linux Server and I would like to monitor it through Netdata Cloud, however, on the panel it says that Node is Unreachable, I can’t activate it, can someone help me? I use VMWare + Debian 11 with Private IP, is it necessary to use Public IP? I can forward ports. It informs that Node is not connected to Netdata Cloud, I’ve been trying for hours and without success.

Hi @Erlon_Silva ,

Thanks for trying out our product and reaching out for help.
Could you check if the answer to this post helps you solve your issue?

You can also find some additional details regarding ACLK here Agent-Cloud link (ACLK) | Learn Netdata

Let us know if any problem still persists.


Hello, thank you for contacting and releasing for community participation. I still have difficulty associating my Server to Netdata Cloud, locally through the IP I can access it, when I redirect to the Public IP, I also can, but I would like to make it available on the account, on the website.

Hi @Erlon_Silva ,

Could you then try following the details on this troubleshooting section?
Since your node is already claimed it seems there ACLK cannot connect to Cloud.


Hi hugo, thanks again for your availability to help me, for being quite layman, as much as I can access locally, I can’t synchronize this Node to Netdata’s Cloud. I’ve tried the above steps, but without success.

And when I try to re-install, an error pops up.

@Erlon_Silva can you show

dpkg -l | grep netdata