Can't view graphs when node loses connectivity for short period of time

I am on a trial version right now and what I notice is that, if the node is rebooting or loses temporary connectivity to the internet, I am unable to view the graphs in the cloud. I can still view it from its IP:19999 page.
Is this expected behavior on a free version?
Would be ideal for us to view the historical graphs of the node when it goes offline however, right now I am unable to do it as once the node loses connectivity, I always get “No chart results to display” error. Then it will show the graphs once the node restores internet connectivity

Hi @paolobyte,

This is expected behavior for all users of Cloud, regardless of the used plan.

When using Netdata Cloud, the Agents do not stream metrics data to Cloud. Instead, when you view a dashboard, it will use the persistent MQTT connection between the Agent and Cloud (known as ACLK) to query the metrics data. Cloud only stores meta data on which metrics are available for each node at which Agent, and receives alert pushes for sending out alert notifications from Cloud. This keeps data and processing at the edge, so you stay in control.

If you want high availability in case your Agents are (temporarily) unavailable, you can deploy your Agents in a parent-child configuration. A parent Agent will have metrics data streamed to it from child Agents, and persist them locally. You can also configure parents in an active-active setup, where the parents will synchronize the data between them.

Instead of connecting your child Agents to Cloud, you just connect the parent Agents. This allows you to have the child Agent use fewer resources (disk, memory, processing) on most of your nodes, and possibly restrict their access to the outside world, while providing more resources to the parent Agent.

You can find more information on deployment strategies in the architecture section of our documentation.

Hope this helps. Let us know when you have more questions!