Information is lost in when node is offline

When a node is offline it is not possible to browse historical data for that node.
I would expect to be able to browse data up to the moment the node went offline, as it would help diagnose the problem and understand when the node went offline.
Instead, Netdata just shows the node as offline and even going back in time nothing is shown.
Is this how it is supposed to work? Because to me this is not very intuitive nor very useful.

Hey, @Cris70. Netdata Cloud itself doesn’t store your data from the nodes. To access your node’s metrics even when it’s offline, you can set up a Parent-Child configuration:

  • Child nodes: These continuously send their collected data to the Parent node.
  • Parent node: This acts as a central hub, storing metrics from all its connected Child nodes.
  • Accessing metrics: You can then browse the metrics of your Child nodes directly through the Parent node.

Thank you @ilyam8 for your reply.
I’ll configure Netdata in parent-child mode as you proposed.
BTW let me say that I’m quite disappointed by this limitation: we’re paying for a cloud installation… you’re making us pay for each node, and all you give back is basically a web dashboard with no storage at all?

Hey, @Cris70. If you’re happy using just the Netdata Agent and don’t require any of the features Netdata Cloud offers (see Compare Plans and Netdata Cloud), there’s no need to pay for a subscription.