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Where are metrics stored?

When using NETDATA Cloud, where are data stored - is that local on each node/agent DB or on your Cloud product? Can we “pick” a different storage?

If only on the end node, does this therefore mean that with a node “down”, we’re not able to see its data?

Separately, is there a maximum retention period (either in-node or Cloud)? I see 30d at the top (which is fiddly and sometimes crashes the browser window when changed…), but is longer analysis possible?
For example, we often compare with last year’s data (for a server that holds one of our e-commerce platforms).

Hey George,

  1. Data is stored on the local nodes, as we are following a distributed architecture. Thus, if you want fault-tolerance characteristics, you will need to either stream child netdata nodes to a few parents, or export the data.
  2. The date-picker in the cloud is currently under development. There is no maximum attention period, as netdata has an internal highly-engineered database that can handle any period you choose, as long as your RAM/HDD can support it.
  3. Welcome to our little community :slight_smile: