Netdata Metrics

Hi, everybody,
i see that netdtada keeps metrics registered for 2 days in the dashboard, how can I extend the duration of this? so I want him to record it for a longer time.

thank you very much

Please read Change how long Netdata stores metrics | Learn Netdata

firstly, thank you for your reply. as I understand it here, I need to make separate settings for each machine. not a problem, I’ll do. but isn’t there a general setting for the dashboard? it is set once and valid for each machine

isn’t there a general setting for the dashboard?

Do you mean a predefined timeframe in the dashboard?

I don’t know. Maybe

	custom dashboard_info.js = 

can help. @Jacek_Kolasa what do you think?

Let’s clarify the ask first. @s.oezkan you mentioned “2 days”. Where do you see that?
You also mentioned “keep metrics registered” and “record for a longer time”.
It really looks like you’re talking about data retention, not the selection of how much time to display on the dashboard.

If it really is retention you want to change, indeed the link @vlvkobal is the way. To affect retention by just modifying settings in a single place, you’d have to use streaming to replicate the data from your nodes to a central, parent node on your infrastructure. Then you can increase just the retention on that parent. Both the parent’s local dashboard and the cloud dashboards will show more data.

This is the link where @s.oezkan is referring to. Its where he saw the 2 days default retention. Change how long Netdata stores metrics | Learn Netdata

Does this mean that when the metrics are stored longer, it will show as well on the dashboard? Thank you.

Yes, but only until we release the paid version. After that, seeing data older than 48 hours will require an upgrade. There are some internal discussions about this specific point, but until the pricing page changes, this is the plan.

So today you see what you store (whether it’s exactly 48 hours really depends on the number of metrics you collect and a lot of other things, but you can modify it).